Effective managers strengthen work performance and employee engagement.

Research tells us that managers significantly influence employee performance, engagement, and turnover - it's actually hard to overstate their impact. Unfortunately, individuals promoted to management positions are usually experts in functional roles who often have limited experience getting work done through others.

Think about it: What other job would be taken on with little or no preparation or guidance in advance?

The good news is that management skills are like other skills - they can be learned, practiced, honed and refined over time. The optimal approach is to provide managers with interactive and engaging experiences that support new skill acquisition, personal reflection and insight, and discussion and collaboration with colleagues, along with on-demand coaching - and plenty of practice.

Focusing on small-to-midsized non-profits, government entities, and small businesses, we work to understand your goals and challenges, assess your managers' skills with that framework in mind, and then build and deliver customized learning solutions that fit your culture and aspirations.

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