Zoom-based learning

Since the pandemic, there has been more interest in online training. Unfortunately, many virtual training sessions have limited effectiveness for soft skills development, which is grounded in self-awareness, new insights and critical thinking.  Attempts to engage participants via a webinar format are often limited to polls, games, and chat discussions during which learners cannot connect with the facilitator in any meaningful way, or with each other. 

Belknap & Associates offers small group Zoom meetings and authentic connections in a virtual environment, via 90-minute to two hour sessions  customized to address skills most important for successful management in your organization. Developing employees when budgets are limited, Giving feedback, Intro to management, and Leading change are just a few examples.

Participants may be asked to complete pre-work, such as an article, video or self-assessment. This preparation serves as a jumping-off point for sharing their own challenges and concerns through facilitator-led discussion and opportunities for cross-consultation with each other.  

What are the advantages of this approach?

  • Less time off work for the training, easily accessed from home for those working remotely
  • Practical problem solving with a customized approach that focuses on the real concerns and issues of the group members
  • More individual engagement and attention via face-to-face conversation with all participants on camera 
  • Introverts appreciate the small group breakout rooms and being able to think about the topic ahead of time via the article, video, or assessment

Contact us to learn more about Zoom-based training and other innovative learning options!

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